Home Theatre: The LED/LCD TV or the Projector/Screen?

How come no one compares this two options? Even if they do, I don't get to hear this often enough.

Truth be told, LED/LCD TV's are damn so expensive especially for sizes as big as 65". Why would anyone dig so much into his savings just for the mere pleasure of owning a TV screen that big? Here at Teknimedia we advice you to go with the Projector/Screen installation and here is why?

  • Purchase/Setup Price

Some very big LED/LCD TV's have a diagonal length of 65" and costs above $5,000 (check out their price here). While a Projector screen of 96" length/width and a diagonal measurement of about 135" cost about $150. That diagonal length is about two times that of a 65" LED/LCD TV and it is about 30 times cheaper. If the 96" Screen seems to big for your living room then you could opt for smaller screen sizes such as the 72" screen with about 100" diagonal length.

Okay, to be fair there is still the added cost of the Projector itself.

We recommend you use only LED Projectors. These projectors have both a longer life span and a higher rigidity than all other common projectors. The downfall is that they too are pretty expensive but cheap when compared to the cost of a 65" LED/LCD TV. A standard LED Projector should cost nothing less than $650. In addition to the cost of the Projector, you will need Ceiling projector mounts, USB female cables (20m), HDMI cables (20m), Video cables (20m) and a few other accessories. All of these should not cost more than $250.

So now we have got the cost of the LED Projector, manual screen, accessories (~ $1100) against that of the LED/LCD TV (~ $5000).

The sure winner here is the LED Projector installation/setup.

  • Usage Capabilities

When comparing usage capabilities of both the LED/LCD TV and LED Projector/Screen setups, we must take note of there respective Lamp life's and when they can be used.

LED Projectors/Screens are best used in a badly-lighted room or in a dark room. This means that when a LED Projector/Screen is used, you must have your curtains closed and your lights dimmed. A LED/LCD TV can be used anytime of the day and under any lighting condition.

Well, is this really a demerit for Projector/Screen setups? I don't think so. This is because you own your own home and you can control your lighting in any way you would like. Again the lights don't have to be OFF but lighting fittings that have their brightness regulated can be installed in the Living room.

As regards there usage hours, both an LED Projector and LED/LCD TV have a lamp life of about 30,000 hrs and that's a lot. If you were to use any of these setups for about 10 hrs daily then your LED Projector or LED/LCD TV will run for about 3000 days before you would need to have it's lamp replaced. Now in years, 3000 days is about 8 years. That is  so long and don't forget you have to switch it ON for 10 hours of everyday of the 365 days that make up a year.

No clear winner here. Both lasts relatively very long.

  • Ease of Setup

All LED/LCD TV's no matter how big are easy to install and setup. But a Projector/Screen setup requires a little more expertise. A good Projector/Screen installer must battle with the best distance of a Projector to the screen, best ceiling holder, how to make sure images shown on the screens are as bright as possible. The other difficulty faced is the wiring connections. A good setup must have a VGA wire, HDMI wire and Video wire connected to the Projector before being mounted to the ceiling. This means that while connecting devices to the Projector, one does not need to mount ladders to the Projector. The respective wires are already in place to connect with your Cable decoder (DSTV), DVD player, TV tuner.

In this regard, the LED/LCD TV is much easier to setup when compared to setting up a Projector/Screen.


At Teknimedia, we can assist you setup either LED/LCD TV or Projector/Screen in your homes. Teknimedia has also developed methods with which you can have both the LED/LCD TV and a Projector/Screen installed in your home.


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Which do you think is better to setup in homes between a LED/LCD TV and a Projector/Screen? Do you think it is best to install both setups?

We would be glad to read up your opinions via your comments below.


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