Rent your LED/LCD Screens in Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria (Lagos), you should rent all your LED/LCD TV's from us at Teknimedia Studios. You may ask WHY. Here are the reasons you should choose us:

Service Style

At Teknimedia Studios, we keep our style different. This is because we aspire to stand out from everyone in this industry. Every time you choose us, we make sure a staff of ours is sent to the venue to:

  • Inspect it
  • Identify the location
  • Study the traffic routes to the location
  •  Identify the possible power connection sources

Steps like this make our job perfect on D-Day. This is because we come to the venue with exactly all that will be needed. The best part about all of this, is that this service is rendered at no additional cost to our clients.

Prompt Delivery

Every client wants his/her service to be delivered promptly. We sure know how to do this best by setting up our connections early on D-day before your event. This unique style as been successful at numerous wedding occasions and events.

By choosing us, you are delivered with prompt setups.


Our devices and equipment are always tested before use. We stand out from our contemporaries because we make sure we get to the venue with extra sets of accessories and cables. This protects us in situations where a accessories or cables malfunction.

All efforts are made by us to deliver your service to you just the way you will like it.

Cheap & Affordable

Our prices remain one of the cheapest and most affordable in the market. We make sure that you can get anyone of our equipment at prices that cannot be found elsewhere.
If you find it cheaper elsewhere then they sure must be using sub-standard gadgets. We advise you not to take a risk at such prices. Choose Teknimedia Studios always.


In summary, all our staffs are people oriented with one main goal, that is, to please you always. Do you want to know how true this is, then check out our LED/LCD TV screen rates and place an order.

We look forward to your patronage.

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