Outdoor Lessons: Never use Projector/Screen outdoor

Using a Projector and its screen outdoor under the sun, is just not a good idea.
"Never use a Projector/Screen outdoor! Again, never use a Projector/Screen outdoor!"
Reason: It's just not worth the effort. But why?

I write based on our experiences from the past jobs we did outdoor. For one reason or the other, I have had clients call us up and request for a Projector/Screen setup at an outdoor location. I have always persuaded them to look at other options such as using a Megascreen or a big LED/LCD TV screen. Most times, because of the extra costs involved my persuasions are often ignored.

Having made numerous efforts to make using a Projector/screen outdoor under the sun effective, I can boldly say, it's just not worth it.

Here are a few reasons:


When outdoor, the "wind" is not your friend. This is because the wind will continually blow your screen left and right thereby making visibility poor and unstable. In some instances, your screen if made of a tripod stand would fall down often.

In my quest to nullify this effect, I made a metallic stand with which I could hang my screen to. Despite this structure giving my screen the required structural support, I could not get my screen to remain in one fixed position all through.


Dust is a problem. A big problem for your projectors because they have got air vents. If there is anything projector panels hate so much, it is dust. Dust can also make your lenses dirty over time. The challenge is that you do not immediately see the damage dusts cause. However, over time your projector will be susceptible to it.


While outdoor, your first thoughts must be towards the weather. Your screens will surely recover from any contact with rain but your Projectors might not. This is because Projectors are not designed to come in contact with water. Their air vents could be the inlet path with which rain enters its panels. You can overcome the effects of rain by making use of a canopy while outdoors.


No matter how well you position the projector or the screen, projectors just don't show well under the sun. You could opt for a high lumens projector or get a canopy set up for some shade and eventually have difficulties seeing the images generated by the projector. Most times, the best bet is to wait till sunset or night times to be able to clearly see the images generated by the projector effectively. 



Imagine you have an upcoming job and you need to forecast if it would be windy, rainy or sunny? All three are not your friends for that job. However, the reality is that all three might not always suit you. So that's the challenge. Basically, avoid projecting outdoor under the sun always. If you have to project outdoor, wait till evening or night time and get a canopy setup to help out with the rain or wind. Because if you beat the sun, the rain or the wind might just be inconquerable.

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