Rent your Projectors and Screens from Teknimedia

Presentations need to be made. The audience must be carried along. Large TV screens cost a fortune to purchase or rent. Your best option is to use Projectors and their screens.

Projector screens come in numerous sizes; 60" x 60", 72" x 72", 84" x 84", 96" x 96" and 120" x 120". Each of these sizes represent their diagonal lengths. Suddenly, with any of these choices you have a big display in your hands.

However, setting up a Projector/Screen is not a scroll in the park. Care must be taken in its handling, setup and positioning. Even managing it while being setup is a task. This is where we come in. Teknimedia provides you with Projector/Screens fully setup to meet your purpose.

How do we stand out?

  • Transportation

At Teknimedia, we do not charge you an extra cost for getting our equipment to the venue. We always get to the venue as promptly as possible in order to be fully setup at least 4 hours to the commencement of your Event or Presentation.

This unique benefit save you so much in stress and keeps you fresh to attend to other aspects of your Event and to deliver the most remarkable of presentations.

  • Pricing

Our Prices are affordable and competitive. We sometimes boast that its cheapest at Teknimedia. Teknimedia strives to provide you the very best prices with the very best of services. This gives you good value for your money.

  • Setup

We will get it all setup for you. If you have the venue to yourself a day to your event, we will come over and get all the Projectors and Screens needed setup. We do not take your Events lightly thus the efforts made to provide you with prompt service delivery is very important to us. We believe that if we are setup on time, then we have given you just one thing less to worry about.

  • Management

Teknimedia stays by you all through your Events or Presentation. We want to assist you with the operations of our equipment. We want to assist you with your Presentations by effortlessly assisting you with scrolling through your slides. Be rest assured, we will manage it all for you all through the day.

At Teknimedia, we get it  done perfectly for you. You should choose us for all your Projector and Screen rentals.