Presentations: Setting up your Projector

1. Laptop Images not showing Projector screen

There are numerous reasons your Projector might not be transmitting your Laptop's images to the screen. Below are a few reasons:

  • VGA cable

A. Check your Laptop's VGA input port and make sure the VGA cable inserts perfectly into it well.

B. Also do the same for the Projector's VGA input port. You should make sure that the VGA cable is well inserted here too. Loose connections will not transmit pictures/images to the Projector.

  • Display Settings

A Laptop has 3 settings when an external display device is connected to it. "Duplicate", "Extend" and "Projector only". Toggle between any of these and your images should show on your Projector's screen. We recommend the "Duplicate" option.


2. Laptop's Images seem to be blurry and not clear upon connecting Projector via VGA cable

This means you will have to adjust your Laptop's screen resolution. You can do this by going to "Control Panel" => "Display settings" => "Adjust screen resolution". a good resolution to choose is 1024 x 768. However, most new Laptops are equipped to automatically adjust their display settings to suit both the Projector and Laptop's display.