Why we prefer using LED/LCD TV's to PLASMA TV's

Both LED/LCD TV's  and PLASMA TV's are great, they show excellent pictures. But at Teknimedia Studios we prefer to use LED/LCD TV's to PLASMA TV's while Live Streaming or connecting display to a Laptop. Here is why:

1. Resolutions

TV resolutions are very important in carrying out Live Streaming services. Usually resolutions come in 480p, 760p, 1080p. As a matter of fact, all LED/LCD TV's are equipped with a basic resolution of 1080p. PLASMA TV's come in 480p, 760p and in some instances 1080p. You might not be lucky in getting a 1080p PLASMA TV in the market. So if you have to use a PLASMA TV of lower resolutions compared to LED/LCD TV's, then you can be certain that the LED/LCD TV's will produce better images per pixel.

2. Color sharpness

PLASMA TV's usually bring out extreme color outputs. While you might feel this is a good thing, upon re-think you will realize that this means your "reds" will never appear as "red". Likewise your Pinks, Yellows, Purples and numerous other colors. This might not matter much. But in a world where the perfect Live Stream must be deceptive in providing the viewers with a feel of reality, a make-belief that they are actually there on the stage watching it all happen LIVE. A PLASMA TV will diverge them as much as possible from this reality because the pictures don't just look like "reality".

3. Power Consumption

PLASMA TV's consume much more power when compared to a LED/LCD TV. For jobs that you are required to provide your own Power Generating set, you will have to make provisions for a higher capacity set and also make plans to use more fuel. This makes the LED/LCD Screen a better alternative when Power consumption is considered.

 4. Ruggedness

PLASMA TV Screens are made of thick layers of glass-like materials. While LED/LCD TV's are made of Plastic-like screens. In some instances the LED/LCD TV screens are stronger while in some instances the PLASMA TV screens are stronger. In my world, I will go for the strength offered by the LED/LCD screens.


At Teknimedia Studios, these are the reasons we prefer making use of LED/LCD TV screens rather than PLASMA TV's for all our TV Screen rental jobs in Nigeria. You can check out our affordable LED/LCD TV screen rental rates here.

What other reasons do you think are worth considering? We would be glad to know your own reasons.

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