Guide to an effective visual display at events

Visualization is an important component of every event or presentations. It's an aspect that must be attended to with professionalism & experience. As such Teknimedia Studios has assembled a wide variety of visual accessories & equipment for you to make your selections from as always.

Over the years, we have realized that events, meetings and parties are an important component of our day to day living here in Nigeria. However, the quality of visual equipment used, if used at all is always below par.

A Visual Presentation should be:

  • Good coverage: For the effectiveness of a presentation, it should reach the length and breadth of a presentation hall. Everyone should be carried along with good visuals.
  • Clear and Consistent: Images seen while a presentation is going on must be clear and consistent while being of topmost quality. Details are key for points to be valid and as thus efforts must be made for every visual detail be presented with great clarity. Visual consistency with out any interruptions should be the aim of every presentation.
  • Universal: In reality, we can only be in one place at a time. This means that in a party or meeting, what-we-see is limited to where we are. The aim of every good visual presentation should be to present scenes that are outside our view to us. This makes it possible for the audience to have a satisfying feel to all events occurring real time.

Having listed all these points. We must make sure round pegs are placed in round holes. This means that it would be wrong to make use of a Mega LED screen in scenarios that multiple TV screens would have been effective. Also it would be wrong to make use of a Projector/Screen in scenarios a Mega LED screen would have been more suitable.

Basically for most events, we have 3 major display options:


2. Mega LED Screens

3. Projectors & Screens

Below is a guide on an effective selection criteria:

1. Outdoor events

Never make use of Projectors/Screens for outdoor events that are scheduled for afternoons. You can make use of the highest lumens projector, get the best screen possible and never be able to overcome the light intensity from the sun. You can try making use of canopies to reduce the effect of the rays of the sun. However, all these would help but in no way make the projector's display effective enough.

It's safe to make use of projector/screens outdoor only in the night. Don't fight it. Projectors/screens don't perform well outdoor in the sun.

Your best bet for afternoon events under the sun is an outdoor megascreen. Teknimedia studios has numerous sizes of megascreens you can choose from. You can click here to check them out.

Your next best option is to make use of multiple LED/LCD screens. Setting this up is going to be more stressful. However, in instances where there is a budget cap, LED/LCD screens might just be the option to go to.


2. Indoor crowded events

Indoor events can be crowded. For example, most wedding receptions, funeral receptions in Nigeria can be very crowded. For crowded events, Projectors/screens are not the best. The reason is that most projector screens allow projection from the front. If these Projectors/screens are setup in crowded halls, you can bet it that they would be obstructed or hit numerous times. There is just no way you can prevent guests from hitting the projector setup.

If you must use a Projector/screen, you can try out a rear projection screen. A rear projection screen allows you project images on a screen from the back. In this setup you can use the screen to act as a boundary to the crowd and setup the projector at the back. It should be noted, that this setup consumes more space and it might be difficult to convince the event planner to let go of such amount of space for visual display.