Do you plan to host an upcoming event? Are you looking for ideas to help spice it up? Have you thought of having a KARAOKE session. Karaoke party sessions help spice up your parties, events and celebrations by bringing up the emotions, joy, vibes and thrills that come with reliving memories from old music tracks or when the latest or most popular rave of the moment is played. Teknimedia Studios can help make this come to life.

Are you hosting an event in Nigeria and would want people abroad to watch it? Do you have event that you want participants abroad or in another location to participate or contribute to it? Then you should reach out to us at Teknimedia Studios.

At Teknimedia Studios we take our time to setup our web streaming services to be perfect, organized, clear and have effective two-way communication. Our setup makes use of clear HD cameras, unique video switchers/mixers, long and effective cables. We make use of licensed Zoom plans that makes it possible for us to have as many as 100 participants online for as long as possible.